Spring Market Buyer Beware

Spring Market Buyer Beware!

If you are a housing market buyer contemplating the purchase of your next home, there are a few things to remember to put things into perspective when beginning your search. First is to have a lot of patience. The spring market usually begins the week after the Super Bowl. The weather begins to turn nice […]

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You Don’t Have To Burn Through Your Wallet To Buy A Great Bottle of Wine!

You Don't Have To Burn Through Your Wallet To Buy A Great Bottle of Wine!

The other day I was invited to a culinary holiday party, the only requirement is to bring a bottle of wine that cost no less than $75. To quote John McEnroe talking to the umpire in a tennis match, “You can’t be serious”. Recently, the amount that people have told me their home improvement projects […]

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The Ball of Confusion that is the Real Estate Market

The Ball of Confusion that is the Real Estate Market

The Temptations wrote a song titled The Ball of Confusion. “That’s what the world is today. Round and around and around we go where the worlds headed nobody knows.” The song was written 52 years ago in 1970 and the only difference between then and now is that the world seems to be spinning faster […]

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The Wizard of Oz and the Perfect Storm

Real estate values are about to free fall

Close your eyes for a moment. Picture the scene from the beginning of The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy and Todo get locked out of the storm shelter. They run back to the house to Dorothy’s bedroom. The next thing you know the house is free falling in a tornado. Real estate values are about […]

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Don’t Break The Piggy Bank

Don't Break The Piggy Bank

The mortgage payment that homeowners make to their lending institution is the best form of forced savings. Regardless of the fluctuation of property values, every mortgage payment is like putting money in the piggy bank. The equity in your piggy bank increases every month until the mortgage is paid off or the property is sold. […]

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Baby Boomers: Time to Cash Out Your Home

Baby Boomers Time to Cash Out Your Home

It has never been a better time to cash out your home’s equity and Baby Boomers are the age group poised to benefit the most from today’s housing market.  Preserving one’s wealth is the most important action you can take.  Baby Boomers who have been fortunate to experience property appreciation and have not taken the […]

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Listing Price vs. Selling Price – What to Expect

Listing Price vs. Selling Price - What to Expect

What is a fair listing price? What is a fair selling price? The listing price vs. selling price difference is determined by a number of factors. Whether a REALTOR sells four homes a year or four hundred homes, the rule of thumb for establishing a listing price for a homeowner or making an initial offer […]

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Coming Out of the Funk of the Pandemic Fog

Coming Out of the Funk of the Fog

It has been two years since the virtual reality of living in a daily fog overtook our lives. Expectations, goals and dreams were either put on hold or vaporized in front of our eyes. A sense of hopelessness created a funk for everyone, young and old. We celebrated the spring of 2020 with a national […]

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The Real Estate Shift Is Here – Expect Prices to Drop

The Real Estate Shift Is Here - Expect Prices to Drop

Over the past two years sellers have reaped the benefits of increased property values. A low inventory of homes on the market over this time was only an extension of a pre-pandemic trend. Based on supply and demand, a low inventory of homes combined with an overabundance of buyers means property values will go up. […]

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Taunton Lakes Neighborhood in Medford, NJ

Taunton Lakes Neighborhood

One of the hidden gem communities of Burlington County in South Jersey is Taunton Lakes in Medford. The community of a little more than 100 homes is also known as the Old Taunton Colony Club. Most of the homes are located on a pristine lake, where, if you look close enough, you will find homes […]

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