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Are you curious about what your home could sell for on the open market? We would be happy to provide you with a free market valuation to show you what homes in your area are selling for.

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    The price of your home is determined in several ways: The true market value of your home is…what a buyer is willing to pay for the property:

    1. Based on today’s market

    2. Based on today’s competition

    3. Based on today’s financing

    4. Based on today’s economic conditions

    5. Based on the buyer’s perception of the condition of the property

    6. Based on the location

    7. Based on normal marketing time

    Properties that sell in today’s market:On a scale of 1-10 (“10” are the ones that are selling). How can your property be a “10”?

    1. By improving the condition dramatically

    2. By offering good terms

    3. By improving the way the home shows. By adjusting the price