Homes for Sale in Evesham New Jersey

Homes for Sale in Evesham New Jersey Buying a home has never been easier. If you need help moving into the area, check out the homes for sale in Evesham, New Jersey, with the help from Eric Schlamowitz and the crew at The Samson Group. Our team has been the hero for many clients, including Rowan University, Kaplan University, and Chilton Memorial Hospital. With trust from major markets like these, clients who go with The Samson Group get the assistance they need from top players in the industry.

Evesham is a popular destination for South Jersey residents…it’s got great schools, a wealth of shopping and dining options very close by, and the quiet living of suburban towns. It’s close to two major state arteries, NJ Routes 70 and 73, yet it’s large enough to feature plenty of wooded areas and nature-filled parks. All with the convenience of an easy day trip to Philadelphia or our fabulous Jersey Shore!

About Homes for Sale in Evesham New Jersey

New residents hoping to find their place in Evesham can expect our team to walk them through every step of the process. We cover all the bases concerning:

Finding Your New Home. This includes information concerning: 

  • Pre-qualification
  • Meet with real estate agent
  • Negotiating purchase price
  • Home inspection
  • Closing disclosure
  • Final closing step
  • Final loan approval
  • Closing documents
  • Underwriting
  • Appraisal & title
  • Apply for the loan

Negotiating Your Purchase. After finding the property you want, we will write a purchase agreement. Even with this, there a few areas that we can negotiate:

  • The price you pay
  • The move-in date

Financing Your Purchase. We’ll help you navigate through the Do’s and Don’t, which remain in effect before, during and after loan approval up until the time of settlement when your loan is funded and recorded. 

About Eric Schlamowitz

For over 30 years, Eric Schlamowitz has provided real estate, architecture, design, construction, owner’s representative, and project management expertise and experience. Schlamowitz has executed the planning, design, and construction management activities of over 150 projects for 1,000 square foot renovations of interiors for residences, and commercial offices to the construction of large-scale commercial buildings, which has included an embassy and foreign mission.

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