Be Your Own Short Sale Advocate

Be Your Own Short Sale Advocate

You can and should be your own short sale advocate. If you find yourself going down the short sale path just remember the best person that can increase the odds of a positive outcome, is YOU. Solving all the moving parts that have to be coordinated for a successful short sale is another full-time job.

Realtors and attorneys don’t like short sales because the amount of time required doesn’t justify their fee. The banks change their people working on any particular file every three months, so you have to keep telling your story over and over and over. It often seems like no one really cares. If you have liens or are behind in credit card payments, you have to negotiate a settlement that gets wrapped into the sale.

All this will seem daunting but who knows, can fight for and explain your situation better than you. In order to begin the short sale process with a mortgage holder you first have to get your house under contract. This will usually stop the foreclosure process because you are showing that you are being proactive in resolving the problem. A lender and creditors would rather give you time to complete a transaction than pay approximately $25,000 to an attorney to sell your home at foreclosure.

There is no quick remedy to a short sale. If you are persistent and never give up, you just might have a successful outcome.

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